Second Round, 2015 NFL Playoffs

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Odds for the second week of the 2015 playoffs, presented from the home team’s point of view:

Second Round Playoff Odds
Home Team Visiting Team Score Diff Win Prob Est. Point Spread
Carolina Panthers Seattle Seahawks -1.713 0.153 -12.7
Arizona Cardinals Green Bay Packers -0.001 0.500 0.0
Denver Broncos Pittsburgh Steelers 0.437 0.608 3.2
New England Patriots Kansas City Chiefs -0.563 0.363 -4.2

Last week the system went 3-1 and perhaps would have gone 4-0 if after the Burflict interception, Cincinnati had just killed three plays and kicked a field goal.

The system currently gives Seattle a massive advantage in the playoffs. It says that Green Bay/Arizona is effectively an even match up, and that both the AFC games are pretty close. It favors Denver in their matchup, and the Chiefs in theirs.

One last comment about last week’s games. The Cincinnati-Pitt game was the most depressing playoff game I’ve…

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